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Vagabond, consumed by wanderlust, writer, photographer, thinker, questioner, doubter, reader, agnostic, Lyme Disease suffererer, female, feminist, queer . . .


My name is Adele and i currently reside in Sacramento, CA with my partner and love of my life, Laura, and our dawgs Mushu, a Tibetan Spaniel & Truffaut, our Standard Poodle, and our Brown Tabby, Maurice. Learning to live in the moment and take one day at a time.


music, wine, italian food, running, u2, thai food, tea, sushi, indian food, tattoos, postmodernism, world travel, thievery corporation, paul frank, blogging, philosophy, politics, environment, ipod, sex, coffee, silver jewelry, moby, beer, water, social justice, martinis, piercings, cigars, books/reading, photography (b/w in particular), cool quotes, pipes, cinema (especially foreign & indie), dawgs, kittehs, poetry, apple computers/macs, life's journey...